Island hopping trip no. 5 "Fair Isle, Scotland"

Sunset over the Fair Isle

Located halfway between Orkney and Shetland, Fair Isle is one of Britain’s most remote inhabited islands.

It may be small – only three miles long and one-and-a-half miles wide – but there is plenty to see and do. Fair Isle is a crofting community with a thriving traditional crafts industry, where you can see the island’s craftspeople at work boat-building, spinning, weaving and, of course, knitting.

Fair Isle knitwear originated here and is still the only place in the world producing the genuine article. Fair Isle is internationally renowned for its birds and in particular its seabird colonies.

The Bird Observatory and Lodge is a major visitor attraction where bird watchers can relax in comfort and observe some of the 350 species that have been recorded here: it is a twitcher’s paradise during the bird migratory seasons.

You can also discover archaeological remains, military relics, unusual flora, abundant wildlife and stunning cliff scenery.

The Trust has supported many initiatives to boost the island’s economy and prevent depopulation, including a wind-powered renewable energy project.

Fair Isle is internationally renowned for its seabird colonies

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