Sheshan National Holiday Resort

Located in southwest Shanghai---Songjiang, which is the birthplace of the city's history and culture, Sheshan National Holiday Resort has unique natural views and cultural interest.

 Sheshan National Forest Park

It is rated as one of the first AAAA tourism sites by the National Tourism Administration. It has four tourism sites: East Sheshan Park, West Sheshan Park, Tianmashan (Heaven Horse Mountain) Park, and Xiaokunshan Park.

 East Sheshan Park

Animals and plants abound here. There are wild sika deer, pangolin scales and about 100 kinds of birds. Besides, there are about 2,000 types of plants such as cinnamomum camphoras and moso bamboos.

The main attractions here are the Bird Center, the Butterfly Garden, the Plant Fossil Forest and the Wonder Stone Cave. There is also a funicular for entertainment, which is called 'Sledge on Mock Skiing Land'. There is also a 22.4-meter-high (about 73 feet) tower on the south peak which is a wonderful place for tea drinking and sightseeing.

 West Sheshan Park

There are also many attractions on the West Sheshan Mountain. The Church of Our Lady of Sheshan is the biggest church in Southeast Asia as well as the landmark architecture of Sheshan Mountain. The Sheshan Observatory is one of the earliest and largest observatories in China. The Astronomy Museum is a National Science Education Base. The Seismographic Station is one of the earliest institutes for earthquake research. The tower on the hillside is also one of the famous historic monuments of Sheshan Mountain. The newly built Bamboo Park is a place for entertainment, extreme sports and body building.

 Tianmashan (Heaven Horse Mountain) Park

Tianmashan (Heaven Horse Mountain) is in the southeast section of Sheshan Mountain and is the largest and highest peak of Sheshan. As a whole, it looks like a heavenly horse about to fly, so it is called Tianma Shan (Heaven Horse Mountain). It is said that Ganjiang (a skilful sword maker in the Spring and Autumn Period) once made swords here, so it is also called 'Ganshan Mountain'. In ancient times, Tianma Shan was a Buddhist resort and worshippers came to offer incense to Buddha, so it is also named 'Shaoxiang (burning incense) Mountain'.

Huzhu Pagoda on Tianmashan has a history of more than 900 years and is tilted at an angle of 6°51′52″, which surpasses the Leaning Tower of Pisa and makes it a wonderful site in Shanghai.

  Xiaokunshan Park

Xiaokunshan Park is constructed on Xiaokunshan Mountain. First called 'Kunshan Mountain'; 'xiao (small)' was added by later generations to differentiate it from other Kunshan Mountains. Because it looks like the head of a crouched ox from a distance, Xiaokunshan Mountain is also called 'Niutou' (head of an ox) Mountain'.

This is the hometown of the famous writers Lu Ji and Lu Yun from the Western Jin Dynasty (265 – 316). The park displays their reading station and thatched cottage.

 Yuehu Sculpture Garden

Yuehu Sculpture Garden is another tourism site of Sheshan National Holiday Resort. It is an arts garden with modern sculptures and architectures, natural mountain scenery, and high-quality entertainment facilities. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter -- four coastal costal areas -- are built around Yuehu Lake. The garden is a harmonious picture of human art and natural scenery existing together.

 Entertainment Places

The Shanghai Qingqing Tourism World is an ecological garden for sightseeing, holidays, conferences, quartering, eating and entertainment. It has the Bridge to Grandma's Home, Sunshine Beaches, Fishing Pool and many other attractions. It also offers facilities such as cars, boats, tennis, and basketballs. Additionally, it hosts entertainment activities such as lawn weddings and barbecue parties. There is also a 4-star hotel in this garden.

Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Club has international golf courses, eastern and western restaurants, a coffee house, a VIP dressing room, etc. The HSBC Golf Championship was held here in 2005.

Another golf club is the Shanghai Tianma Golf Country Club located in the central area of the Sheshan National Holiday Resort. The Shanghai Tianma Car-world is another place for entertainment. It has gradually developed into an Eden for car lovers.

 Specialties and Activities

Sheshan is also famous for its bamboo shoots, honey peaches and Lan Tea. The bamboo shoot here was named 'Lan Sun (Orchid Shoot)' by Kang Xi (an emperor in the Qing Dynasty, because it smells like an orchid. Lan Tea is known as 'Shanghai  Longjing Tea.'

Some activities are also held on Sheshan Mountain every year for visitors to participate in, such as the International Sand Sculpture Festival, Mountain Climbing on New Year's Day, Double Ninth Festival and Lan Sun Culture Festival. Sand Sculpture Festival is held every September to November. Visitors may appreciate classic sand works during this time.


Admission Fee
East Sheshan Park
West Sheshan Park
Tianmashan Park
CNY 10
Xiaokunshan Park
Yuehu Sculpture Garden
CNY 120

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