Dianshan Lake

Located between Shanghai and Kunshan of Jiangsu Province, Dianshan Lake is in Qingpu District, 37 miles (60 kilometers) west from the center of Shanghai. Just 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) to the east is the famous water town Zhujiajiao.

Dianshan Lake is the source of Huangpu River, the mother river of Shanghai, and the largest natural fresh water lake in the city. It covers an area of 24 square miles (62 square kilometers), as nearly 12 times large as the West Lake of Hangzhou. It used to be land in ancient times, but later it turned into a lake. It takes its name, Dianshan Lake, due to its proximity to Mt. Dianshan.

With beautiful hills and broad meadows, three golf courses with international levels, several wetland parks and holiday villages equipped with sightseeing and leisure facilities are built on the lakeside. Since the lake is big and the water is clear, it is a place suitable for all kinds of aquatic sports including rowing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, and Chinese dragon boat racing.

In the east of the lake lie an aquatic sport waters, yacht clubs, golf courses, fishing clubs, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and shooting galleries; while in the west, a youth camping base. In the south is the Rainbow Island which is a fancy aquatic leisure resort.

 Sun and Moon Island
Located beside and be ringed on three sides by the Dianshan Lake, this island boasts a lotus pond of more than 4,800 square yards (4,000 square meters). On this island, you will have the chance to enjoy the courtyard architectures, a swimming pool of 12,000 square yards (10,000 square meters) and a beach of over 3,600 square yards (3,000 square meters). The sunshine, the beach and the waves together with the trees form a special picture of the island. Also, you can do varieties of aquatic sports such as aero boating, motor boating, canoeing, and fishing.

 Sun Island Resort
To the southeast of the Dianshan Lake, located on the Mao Island which is in the Mao River (the upper reaches of Huangpu River), the resort is connected with Dianshan Lake through the Mao River. It is a modern tourist area integrating recreation, entertainment and international conferences. The balls from the golf course are automatically sorted by the lake river, which is quite special. There is an international club of 15,550 square yards (13,000 square meters) with a high-end meeting center, an exhibition building of celebrities and a commercial service center. Hundreds of holiday dwellings of different styles are available. The resort also caters to visitors who love arts for there is a modern art gallery. At the eastern end of the island lies a hi-tech comprehensive themed park with a simulation of theatre, three-dimensional cartoon figures and children’s playgrounds in it. A bathing beach, a glass pyramid and a botanical garden are also built there.

 Rainbow Island
Situated to the south of the lake, the Rainbow Island invested by Britons is now a luxury villa area. It will be a wonderful water resort with a large water park, a yacht dock, a waterfowl viewing area, a fishing area, a tennis court, and some clubs and bars.

 Aquatic Sport Waters
Located to the northeast of the Dianshan Lake, this first-class aquatic sport area with advanced facilities is the largest in the Far East. It is used as both an aquatic training base and a competition site. The land area of the training base is 25 acres (10 hectares), while the water area is 123 acres (50 hectares). The cement road in the middle of the levee is for marathons, heel-and-toe walking race and other minor matches. The main course is the training base for boat racing and canoeing. In the south of the aquatic sport waters is the dock of 6,580 square yards (5,500 square meters) which can holds 200 sail boats.

 Golf Club
Located beside the lake and covering an area of 247 acres (1,500 mu), the course is of 18 holes and the fairways is from 110 yards (100 meters) to 575 yards (525 meters). Near the course, there is a practice area with three holes and 12 tennis courts as well as a swimming pool. Pubs, billiard rooms, British style villas and libraries are built there.

 Youth Camping Base
At the western end of the Dianshan Lake and to the north of the Grand View Garden, the youth camping base occupies an area of about 16 acres (100 mu). Small villas, colorful tents and BBQ sites are very attractive. Sailing boats, high-speed motor boats, cycle racing, skating and fishing are also available.

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