Splendid China

Splendid China is an attraction at the Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen that has scaled down replicas of China's historical buildings, wonderful scenes and folk customs. The scale models are in the main in a ratio of 1:15 and the exhibits are positioned to replicate their geographical locations.
Here you can see replicas of many of the most famous Chinese buildings and landmarks and a great deal of attention has been paid to detail so as to ensure the miniatures truly represent their originals. This has entailed making full use of the services of architectural specialists and landscape experts who are actively engaged with research and conservation at the actual sites that have been replicated here. The exhibits are surrounded by pleasant gardens with many flowers and trees. Consequently walking there can be very relaxing. Apart from the miniature buildings and scenic spots, one may see over 50,000 ceramic figures in the different locations. Splendid China is divided into two parts, a Scenic Spot Area and a Comprehensive Service Area.

Scenic Spot Area

The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses that are ranked as the eighth wonder of the world are located at Xian City, Shaanxi Province. After the first emperor of China in the Qin Dynasty (A.D.221-206) ascended the throne he ordered more than 700,000 workmen to build him a grand mausoleum. In this area, the terracotta figures have been faithfully reproduced and arranged like the originals. The entire assemblage is very grand.

The Great Wall, with a total length of 6,700 kilometers (about 4,163.3 miles) is the world's longest protective wall. It was built in the Qin Dynasty(A.D.221- 206)and repaired time to time during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Here tourists may see three miniaturized sections of the wall made of scree, white stone and small green bricks respectively. These green bricks were specially made and brought here from Beijing.

The Forbidden City, also called The Imperial Palace, is the largest and best-preserved ancient architectural complex in China. The miniature encompassing the gorgeous spectacle of Emperor Guangxu's (1875 - 1908) marriage is shown here. The Forbidden City has been ornately and beautifully replicated and as with the original the dominant color is yellow, the symbol of the royal family.

The Old Summer Palace, also called Yuan Ming Yuan, was a cultural treasure house of luxurious jewelry, priceless paintings, calligraphy works and rare antiques in the past. But the real Old Summer Palace was reduced into a ruin by the Allied British and French Armies in 1860 and again by the Eight-Powers Allied Army in 1900. The miniature of The Old Summer Palace shows a recreation of the complete and original royal garden. It has been made according to a full and authoritative plan that was found by accident in the Forbidden City in 1990.

Splendid China has many more miniatures of places of historical interest to offer you, such as the Ancient Observatory of Beijing, the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, Tibet's Potala Palace and so on.

Mt. Huangshan, lying at the Anhui Province, middle part of China, is proud of its rare pines, bizarre rocks, and the sea of clouds as well as hot springs. Standing on the summit, one will see how small the creatures are beneath the mountain. Characteristics of all famous mountains are reflected clearly on Mt. Huangshan.

In the replica of the Li River, you will be surrounded by a pleasant water and mountain garden. This miniature spot gives you a picture of the seemingly relaxed and contented lifestyle along the real Li River, Guilin City, and Guangxi Province. Taking a bamboo skiff on the river, one will see a vast expanse of blue water and peaks.

More miniature spots of natural scenes are also included such as the Huangguoshu Waterfall, Stone Forest, and West Lake and so on.

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