Overseas Chinese Town East

Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East) is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen. Covering an area of 9 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), OCT East consists of two theme parks, the Ecoventure Valley and the Tea Stream Resort Valley.

Ecoventure Valley
The Ecoventure Valley includes five main theme areas: the Breakers Lagoon, the Seafield Village, the Rapids Forest, Adventure Canyon and the Peak Highland. Entering the resort from the Ecoventure Valley, one can immediately enjoy the splendid Giant Waterfall which is the largest seashore waterfall in China. The Seafield Village consists of Sky Strip, Seafield Theater, Wine Experience House, Self-brewery House, Lakeside Food Court, town inns and other characteristic items, which help build an American-themed town for tourists, and a place to gain experience of wine.

The Aqua Show is presented in this valley. It depicts the symbiotic relationship between nature and human beings. You can enjoy the water-based music and dance show every night. Having finished the sightseeing, you can take the ropeway up the mountain and reach the next destination—the Peak Highland. It is the highest point in the park and the best place to get a bird's-eye-view of the whole area. From here you can take the sightseeing train to the Tea Stream Resort Valley.

Tea Stream Resort Valley
There are four theme areas in the Tea Stream Resort Valley: the Ancient Tea Town, Interlaken, the Wetland Garden and the Sanzhou Tea Garden. In the theme areas there are a water golf driving range, an indoor tennis stadium with an opening roof, and the OCT East Theatre.

The first stop in the Tea Stream Resort Valley is Interlaken Town, a model of the famous tourist resort in Switzerland. Here you can enjoy the western style buildings and streets, which make you feel like a traveler in the European country! And what's more, there is the Interlaken Parade to draw you into this happy environment.

The western style is elegant, but the next stop is full of traditional Chinese culture. The Sanzhou Tea Garden is based on a Lingnan tea garden. In this area, the Bamboo Valley, the bridges and pavilions take you into a typical southern China tea garden, and the beautiful Teana show brings the tea garden to life right in front of you! It depicts the enchanting scenery of the original ecological landscape, and the singing and tea hillsides bring a green and traditional world before you, along with the brightly-dressed and charming tea-picking women.

Having experienced the natural environment and life of the Chinese tea garden, you can go to the OCT Theater and enjoy the T-Show, about the culture of Zen and tea. The music and dance show takes the audience into that mysterious world.

The one day trip finishes here, but the excitement is not over. You can take the ropeway to go back to the entrance. This can also be an exciting journey! For the one day trip, there is another route, as follows:
Tea Stream Resort Valley—Round Way Forest Train—Wetland Garden—Interlaken—Having Lunch in the Ancient Tea Town—Sanzhou Tea Garden—Teana Show—T-show in the OCT Theater—Back to the Entrance.

1. Everyday from 16:30 to 19:30, the Aqua Show would be on the Open-air Theater in the Ecoventure Valley. The ticket is for CNY130-140. If you show your joint ticket of the resort when buying the Aqua ticket, the price will be CNY 30-50.
2. Everyday from 15:30 to 16:30 in the OCT East Theater of the Tea Stream Resort Valley, the T-Show would be performed. The ticket costs CNY60-80 in ordinary days and CNY80-120 in holidays.

Admission Fee:
The Ecoventure Valley only: CNY 150
The Tea Stream Resort Valley only: CNY 130
Joint Ticket: CNY 220

Opening Hours: The Ecoventure Valley : 09:30-18:30 (half an hour earlier in holidays)
The Tea Stream Resort Valley:
09:00-18:00 (half an hour earlier in holidays)
18:00-22:30 (evening show)
Transportation: Take Bus J1, Tour Bus 6 or Airport Bus Route 6 to the Ecoventure Valley (Daxiagu) stop.
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