Huangshan Folk Culture Village

The villages are surrounded by mountains with graceful outlines.Wen Bi,Zhongji,Which are 2 beatiful high plateau lakes embosom the reflection of the mountains.The colorful rurality and the pear garden on the hill are composing a haromnic idyll of Huang Shan village.

There's and old temple named Wen feng Si on the moutain,together with Naxi ancient music,old folk residential buildings,it shows a touch of typical local ethnic taste,Huang Shan people are kind and friendly,very hard working.Meanwile,they are very good at singing and dancing.The cultrure of this place roprosents the major culture of   Naxi village in Lijiang.

At present,the Party Committee of Huang Shan Village and the government are busy with developing Huang Shan village as a display stage of original Naxi village folkways and lulality views.Huang Shan Villages,with its primitive,mysterious beaty and high potential of development,welcome you to join is great expectation.

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