New Rome Free Tour

New Rome Free Tour offer you the original free walking tour of Rome to discover the secrets of the Eternal City, the atmosphere, the architecture,  its people's culture ,way of life and food, doesn't matter your travel budget !. There's no better way to see it than on foot. Don’t need reservation, just show up!;

Photos of New Rome Free Tour, Rome

All guides are local and licensed and speak a perfect english, some of them even more languages, proud to offer you an informative and intriguing tour. you will discover the 3 Capitals in this city, the real Angels of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Queen Margherita’s tomb and pizza Margherita was called upon her name, one of the largest  trompe l’oeil in the world and more, walking across Spanish Square, Pantheon- considered as the best preserved temple in the world and discover all Trevi’s Fountain legends. if you want to know more about them click on the link above.
Since the guides are all volounteers ,member of a no profit foundation,  they are  not sponsored by any restaurant, cafeterias and even worse by any of  these  wordwide chains of fast food restaurants , working only on tips ,  they will do their best to make sure that you've been touched by the secrets and  beauty of the Eternal city.  

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