Milan: Cathedral (Duomo)

What you can't loose of the "Duomo" is the roof: church spire, spire,gargoyles, statues, flying buttresses and so forth up close, AMAZING!!!!!!!
A breathtaking sight and a must-see if in Milan.  The Duomo cathedral is the symbol of Milan.  It's also the real centre of Milan - all the roads radiate out from the Duomo at its heart.  The huge plaza outside it is a meeting place, a place for strolling, watching other people or just walking across, or sitting in one of the cafes along the edge, and just enjoying the view.
Milan Duomo
It is renowned for its size (it is the third largest Catholic Church in the world after St Peter’s in Rome and the Seville Cathedral) and for its many statues (more than 3400). Its construction probably started in 1386 and  took almost 600 years to build. At the time it was built it could hold the entire population of Milan, 40,000 people. Its predominant style is late Gothic, but with elements belonging to the Romanesque tradition, such as for example the “hut” shaped facade”. The exterior is striking with its many spires and statuary - the interior is just massive. 

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