Bangkok: Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon
Despite it's crowdiness, Siam Paragon is the best. Siam Paragon is located in the heart of Bangkok, surrounded by so many attractions.
Siam Paragon has everything; movies, shops, restuarants, even groceries.  Spend a day here, if you wanted to try the best of everything.  check out the for more information.
How to get here:
suggestions: Take the BTS skytrain: You will stop at SIAM station. which is connected to the mall itself. This is probably the easiest way to get here. Because taking Taxi would have left you in traffic for so long.
Also, if you visit Siam Paragon, you can also visit Siam Center, Siam Discovery, and Siam Square which are where all the teenagers and all the events are at. Or else, Central World, Central Chidlom and Gaysorn would be your choices. Take out at Chid lom BTS station and you will find it is quite similar to Siam Paragon.
 What to do here:
real under the sea experience. Located on the very bottom floor of Siam Paragon. Here you will find all kinds of sea creatures that you have never before-seen.

PARAGON CINEPLEX is more than just a cinema. With it's huge theathre, everything else are perfect. Latest movies are for you to choose, Also, If you are interested in Thai movies, there are English Subtitles provided. The price is about $5-7 for a regular seat and up to $30 for special seat. look up :
for additional information.
There are tonnes here for you, ready to serve. They are wide-ranged restuarants that you will find from Thai food to Mexican food. Siam Paragon host the finest restaurants in Bangkok. There are a few excellent Italian restaurants, STEAK house, Chinese restaurant. Also they have a formidable food area with many signature restaurants all in one place.

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